Why ValueLaw.ca?

You have the right to choose your real estate lawyers. What makes ValueLaw.ca so special?

Why ValueLaw.ca?

What’s so Good About ValueLaw.ca?

Number of People (2 vs 6)

Traditional law firms often operate with only two (2) people working on their real estate files. This includes the actual lawyer and the legal assistant (if the lawyer has one).

Moreover, lawyers juggling multiple practice areas often struggle to dedicate enough time to their real estate practice. As a result, much of the legal work is offloaded to assistants with minimal supervision.

At ValueLaw.ca we have a total of six (6) team members actively involved in each and every real estate transaction.

Who are they? Allow us to introduce our ValueLaw.ca team!

The Client Liaison Manager – This is often the first person from our team our clients will meet. The Client Liaison Manager works with our clients and their real estate agents from start to finish. From the first intake call welcoming people to our law firm to a final congratulatory call when on closing day, everyone is kept informed throughout. The Client Liaison Manager also provides email updates at critical milestones in the real estate journey. We like to think of our Client Liaison Manager as our clients’ “concierge service” for getting things done.

The Conveyancer – The Client Liaison Manager works closely with the Conveyancer. The Conveyancer is an experienced legal assistant responsible for preparing all legal documents, finalizing all calculations, and communicating with the other law firm on the practical matters of the transaction. They also have the critical job of coordinating with lenders regarding any payouts and funding of mortgages. Finally, using their specialized technical skills, the Conveyancer supports and works hand-in-hand with the Primary Lawyer.

The Primary Lawyer – The Primary Lawyer is the captain of the ship on our real estate files. That said, our lawyers do not sit in their office merely overseeing operations – quite the contrary! Our lawyers roll up their sleeves and work side-by-side with the Conveyancer and the Client Liaison Manager. The Primary Lawyer also welcomes any opportunity to interact directly with clients or real estate agents. In short, the Primary Lawyer’s mission is to review the ins and outs of every individual file and client story.

The Secondary Lawyer – The adage of “two heads are better than one” rings especially true at ValueLaw.ca! Although all of our lawyers have been practicing for many years, they know that collaboration on any project is invaluable. The second pair of eyes makes for a tighter ship and in turn, a more efficient office with fewer mistakes. Not only that, a second opinion or a different experience can offer incredible insight when faced with a challenge. Each of our files has the benefit of a Secondary Lawyer reviewing documents for accuracy and offering another perspective and legal opinion. Above all, the Secondary Lawyer acts to ensure our high level of quality control and customer service is met in everything we do.

The Customer Service Manager – Our Customer Service Manager works together with the rest of the team to ensure the high standards of ValueLaw.ca are being met. They are kept in the loop on every file and know when to swoop in when needed to avoid any client dissatisfaction. Our Customer Service Manager also gathers independent feedback on our processes directly from our clients. Finally, they manage all our guarantees and are tasked with passing along all feedback we receive to keep our team aware of ways to improve or to celebrate a job well done!

The Partner Account Manager – The Partner Account Manager interacts with our referral and service partners to ensure that our clients’ experiences meet or exceed expectations. The Partner Account Manager follows up with mortgage brokers, house inspectors, surveyors, real estate agents and anyone else supporting our clients. Their job also means they get to observe and anticipate any issues to address them before they become problems. In short, the Account Manager helps all supporting players outside our office by working with us effectively to ensure that absolutely everyone we deal with comes away happy.

Full-Time Real Estate Practice

Unlike other law firms that dabble in real estate, at ValueLaw.ca this is our sole practice area. Our focus has enabled us to develop cutting-edge technology to deliver a high level of service at a VERY competitive price. Our legal team has the expertise, knowledge, and time to ensure that all real estate transactions go smoothly.

Most important of all, our lawyers are local and live in our community. This gives our team unparalleled insight into our fast-paced real estate market.

Unlimited Access to Lawyers

There are many steps during the real estate transaction. Involving a lawyer earlier is always better. We encourage our clients and real estate agents to use us often and early. This helps ensure stress-free transactions from beginning to end.

By registering at ValueLaw.ca, clients get immediate free access to our lawyers. This is especially useful at contract review and during the negotiation and drafting stage of deals. Too often we see terms added to a contract and wish that our clients had called us for an opinion first!

Lowest Price Guarantee

We have a Lowest Price Guarantee. If you find a lower advertised price, we will refund the difference twice over. It is as simple as that.

Keep in mind, our prices are inclusive of all disbursements and fees.

People often ask us, “How can you offer such low rates?” The short answer is that we are pioneers in utilizing advanced digital technology. This efficiency plays a huge part in reducing costs and, as a result, we pass those savings on to our clients.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

In our view, “value” is a lot more than just the “lowest price”. This is the foundation of our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Offering the lowest price doesn’t mean sacrificing anything – not our level of service and certainly not the quality of our work.

Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee means that we put our clients first. The lowest price is a bonus to the truly unique experience and premium legal services offered at ValueLaw.ca. We stand by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee and aim for no less than complete fulfillment of our promise.

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